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We are paving the way forward to democratize access to financial markets.  Meritas allows its users to showcase their investment skills to the finance industry’s professionals, without having to invest their own money.With Meritas you can virtually invest in stocks and crypto.

Anyone can become an investor with Meritas!

Meritas provides FREE ACCESS to advanced analytical tools, deep market insights and institutional level intelligence!

Meritas Score

As a community member your virtual trading on our platform generates the Meritas Score using our proprietary algorithm. Using Meritas you can invest in stocks and crypto in a risk free environment.

The Meritas score is determined by your skill as an investor, not by how much is in your pocket.

Meritas Network

Meritas is your financial universe. On Meritas you can learn about crypto and stocks. Use Meritas streams to keep up with the markets, your friends and what’s trending.

Meritas Discovery

As investors ourselves, we know exactly what financial services employers are looking for. Get noticed and recruited by the very best in the business. Our community members can participate in contests or apply for jobs with their virtual portfolio and their Meritas score.

Get Discovered!

Meritas is the only way to manage a professional long/short portolio for free. We have taken sophisticated tools that have been used by hedge funds for years and made them available to our entire community.

Win Cash Prizes

Compete in virtual trading contests with fellow Meritans. Invest in crypto and stocks in a no-risks-only rewards environment. Top performers win cash!


Catherine Li

Meritas has actually gotten me very interested in the stock market, the field of investing, and importance of personal finance, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that

Sophia Patel

Meritas is a safe space to learn about equity investing without risking your money!

Chris Russo

Meritas is like fantasy football for the stock market


Does it cost anything to use Meritas?

No! Meritas is a free service available through our mobile apps. Download here.

How do I win cash?

To win a cash prize, you must first make sure to enter the competition. Once entered, your Meritas score will determine winners and winnings will be distributed as per contest rules.

Can everyone see my portfolio?

Only you can see your portfolio. Friends and Followers can see your trades and/or prizes if you post that activity to the community. However, job applicants can choose to submit their portfolios with their applications in which case the job poster will see user portfolio detail as per the job requirements.

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