The Start

Meritas was founded by two Wall Street veterans, Gabriel Chenard-Poirier and Neil Datta.  For the last decade, Neil and Gabriel have invested billions of dollars with the best performing equity hedge funds in the world.

They wanted to create a community of investors that participate in the equity markets without risk.  Through our app, our community members can access the Meritas ecosystem to manage their own portfolio, test their skills and compete for cash and jobs…a true meritocracy.  We think the equity markets should be transparent and accessible to all, even if you don’t live in a big city or have a perfect resume. That’s Meritas.

Built by real investors, the Meritas platform simulates the experience of working at a fast-paced hedge fund on your mobile device. Research and track companies that you care about, put them in your portfolio. Learn about stocks and crypto while you invest.

Our system makes it super simple and guides you along the way.  Once your portfolio is live, the Meritas algorithm will generate a custom score for you.  Community members can participate in competitions and apply for jobs directly on the platform!


Invest Like A Fund Manager

It is easy to get caught up in the latest craze or whatever Elon is tweeting about today.  However, at Meritas, we encourage fundamental equity investing.   Smart investors do their research and participate in the upside when long assets appreciate or when short assets fall.   Invest like a hedge fund.

The Meritas Score

We wanted to create a way to evaluate candidates based solely on the investment talent AND match these folks with the jobs that are best equipped to capitalize on their talents.  That is what our algo does, it normalizes each portfolio in a way that allows for an apples-to-apples comparison.


It’s a jungle out there, don’t go it alone.  Meritas is your secret weapon to decode the markets, real time.  Join our community be in the know. 

Our Story

Gabriel Chenard-Poirier and Neil Datta met in 2011 while working at Optima Fund Management, which at the time was a multi-billion hedge fund group. Optima was subsequently acquired by the Forbes Family Trust, an $11 billion ‘Multi-family office’ that managed the portfolios for a few dozen private families.

Neil and Gabriel have researched and invested with thousands of hedge fund managers around the world.  We used this experience to build a platform for anyone to invest like a hedge fund manager, for free.