Bluebird bio Inc (NASDAQ: BLUE) 

Bluebird bio Inc (NASDAQ:BLUEannounced updated results from its Phase 1/2 HGB-206 study of lovotibeglogene autotemcel (lovo-cel; formerly LentiGlobin for SCD, bb1111) gene therapy for sickle cell disease.

  • The updated data included further analyses from its pivotal cohort, HGB-206 Group C. 
  • Patients in Group C achieved near-normal key hemolysis markers and experienced sustained improvements in patient-reported quality of life following treatment. 
  • Following engraftment, median total hemoglobin increased from 8.5 g/dL at baseline to less than 11 g/dL from six through up to 36 months post-infusion in all patients.
  • Notably, in all patients, sickle hemoglobin (HbS) was less than 60% of total hemoglobin, and gene therapy-derived anti-sickling hemoglobin, HbAT87Q, contributed at least 40% of total hemoglobin.
  • All evaluable patients (n=25) continued to experience complete resolution of severe vaso-occlusive events (VOEs) through up to 36 months of follow-up, compared with a median of 3.5 per year in the 24 months before enrollment.
  • From six months post-infusion through the last visit, several indicators of the health of red blood cells suggest that treatment with lovo-cel improved biological markers for SCD to near-normal levels. 
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