Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it cost anything to use Meritas?

No! Meritas is a free service available through our mobile apps. Download here.

How do I win cash?
To win a cash prize, you must first make sure to enter the competition. Once entered, your Meritas score will determine winners and winnings will be distributed as per contest rules.
Can everyone see my portfolio?
Only you can see your portfolio. Friends and Followers can see your trades and/or prizes if you post that activity to the community. However, job applicants can choose to submit their portfolios with their applications in which case the job poster will see user portfolio detail as per the job requirements.
Are my Meritas trades real?
Meritas is a simulation, not a real trading platform. We give you a way to keep track of your investment ideas as if you were an research analyst at a top hedge fund.
Can I apply for a job with my Meritas portfolio?
Yes! That is why we built the platform. We believe that real performance is a better indicator of future success than a fancy resume. At Meritas, you ARE your resume! Visit our job board to see open roles and apply.
Is my portfolio my resume?

Yes!  At Meritas, We believe that employers should focus on talent and performance when making hiring decisions, particularly in finance.  We give Wall Street a way to hire based on merit, not bullet points on a resume.

Is my portfolio public?

No.  Only you can see your portfolio.  Friends and Followers can see your public activity, if you chose to share with the community.

Can I Trade Crypto?

All “trades” on the Meritas platform are virtual and purely for scorekeeping.  A member may add any positions to their portfolio within their investable universe, including several popular crypto currencies.

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